Backpack Trophies of The Division 2

Through various means you can get these backpack trophies. They are pure vanity items and other than looking nice, they serve no other purpose.

American Flag

Awarded for completing all the shields in the first The Division game.

Capitol Hill

Special token for participating in the beta.

Contaminated Area (Traffic cone)

Awarded for finding all 15 comms for Contaminated Areas and with that explore all the contaminated areas.


Inside the classified assignment mission Nelson Theatre Hostages. In the locked area on ground floor level in the first big room. You need to enable two generators, one almost above that room on the upper level, the other to the west where the game points you at to continue after the initial fight.

DZ South

Uncertain on how to get it.

Earned for breaking your pledge of duty and going your own way.

Film Reel

After completing the side mission Navy Hill Transmission, you get a new marker. This leads you to a locked basement (shoot the lock) with some loot. The box with the trophy is on the eastern wall.

Gold Bar

Found in the Bank Headquarters mission, in the bank vault in a corner. See the map for details on that.


Inside the classified assignment mission Bonds Bank Armory. In the large room after blasting through the entrance door. It's in a locked office on the upper floor, southwest corner. To get in, you will have to clear the room, then go through the security door and shoot a yellow box outside the security office (upper left once you are through the door). Go back and you can loot it from a box on a table here.

Hunters Axe

After completing all the encounters with the Hunters and collecting 8 ivory keys, you get it from the crate near the barber station in the base of operations.

Lincoln Bust

Found inside the Lincoln Memorial Mission. In the small museum, the first room where you find enemies after entering the building, on the back left corner from the entrance (southeast) is a giftshop/cafe corner. There are two low dressers/shelves towards one wall, close to the soda vending machine, and when you stand in between those, you can find it.

Plush Flower

After upgrading Campus settlement to level 3, gpo to the highest platform, where the musicians are, above the vendor, and you find a gold box there that contains this.

Plush Hippo

Found in the Theater settlement after upgrading to level 3. On the new platform above there the BBQ is, near the door where you talk to Odessa, you find a small golden crate on the floor that holds this.

Sample Vials

In the Roosevelt Island mission, after defeating Emeline's guard in the large round area, you enter a tent structure. Before you jump down into the tunnel though, go to the dresser to your right and you get to loot this one.

Space Shuttle

In Air & Space Museum mission, in the part where the shuttle crashes down from the ceiling, next to where it crashed down is a broken display case where you can find it.

Speaker's Gavel

For completing the Bank Headquarters mission and then returning to the Base of Operations for the cut scene.

Spray Painted Bobble Head

Random drop from the named bosses in District Union Arena stronghold.

Supply Crate

Rewarded for completing the Dark Zone East Recon mission during the Open Beta.


Looted from the boss "Wyvern" of the Tidal Basin Stronghold.

Tiny Skeleton

Found in the DCD Headquarters mission. In the underground morgue with the 3 blood vats, go to the corner back and left from where you entered, next to the skeleton standing there to get it.

Tommy the Teddy Bear

A pre-order bonus, no longer available.

Washington DC Flag

Reaching tier 5 of commendations at a score of 1500.

Unverified ones

  • Chess Piece: Capture and control all control points on world tier 4 or above at the same time.