Black Tusk Faction of The Division 2

The Black Tusk only arrive after you reach level 30 in the game and complete the last mission.

Back story


Enemy Types


Weapon: Drone

Every time they release those drones, just think about how much it costs them. It's way more involved than a bullet. They're telling you that your death is worth a pretty significat capital outlay. - Coop Dennison

The Black tusk Rusher archetype deploys suicide drones and uses a targeting laser to pick targets. - Destroying the Rusher's drone causes an explosion. - The Rusher's equipment is vulnerable to EMP.


Weapon: Assault Rifle

Ex-special forces, marines, rangers, seals... you name it. These guys come from all sorts of backgrounds, from every hell-hole on the planet. They've seen it all. Done it all. Killed them all. Make sure you're not on their list. - Agent Kelso

  • The Black Tusk Assault archetype prefers to fight from behind cover, and move cover-to-cover to avoid enemy fire.


Weapon: Marksman Rifle

These guys are the best of the best. They use every trick in the book, and on top of that, their taret acquisition is top-notch. If you're reading this, you left yourself exposed too long. - Agent Kelso

  • The Black Tusk Sniper archetype takes cover at long rande while attempting to eliminate targets.
  • The Sniper sets up decoy lenses that can be confused for their real position. Destroying their lens pouch prevents the Sniper from deploying the countermeasures.
  • The sniper deploys a taser drone that seeks out hostiles and stuns them, granting the sniper a clear shot. Destroying the drone on the sniper's back prevents it from being deployed.


Weapon: Mini Tank

Oh, man, you know those cite little bomb disposal robots? Remember how you used to think that some day those guys would come for us? Turns out the real monsters aren't the robots. No, in fact, we're the real monsters.

  • he Black Tusk Controller archetype controls a minitank while staying in cover.
  • Distracting the Controller will cause the minitank to stop functioning temporarily.
  • Eliminating the Controller will disable the minitank.
  • If the mini tank is damaged, the Controller will attepmt to repair it.


Weapon: Assault Rifle

I remember when I was growing up, I used to see all these segments on the military channel about air-burst grenade launchers, and thinking about how cool they were. As an adult, I'm significantly less impressed, and more than a little pissed off when they're used against me. - Agent Kelso

  • The Black Tusk Thrower archetype uses an airburst grenade launcher to hit targets behind cover.
  • Destroying the grenade pouch causes an explosion that kill the Thrower.




Weapon: Submachine gun

A friend of mine at college was working on some top secret project for the Defense Departement. Said it would revolutionize battlefield triage. Make it possible to get to downed soldiers in remote or exposed locations. I guess he was working on what these guys use. - Coop Dennison

  • The Black Tusk Medic archetype throws EMP jammers and attempts to revive downed allies via a medical drone.
  • Destroying the drone on the Medic's backpack prevents ranged revival, and forces the Medic to run to downed allies to revive them.
  • Destroying the EMP jammer pouch sets off and EMP that disrupts the Medic.




Weapon: Minigun

The worst. Literally. See them coming, be like 'nope nope nope' and head the other way. If you have no other option, then you gotta aim for the belt and get that support station they're carrying around. Still though. Not worth it. - Agent Kelso

  • The Black Tusk Tank Archetype attempts to stay at range, using his minigun to suppress enemy targets.
  • The Tank has a support station mounted on his back which feeds a constant supply of health recovery. Destroying the support station stops his health regenerarion.
  • The Tank's minigun ammo belt never requires a reload. Breaking the belt forces a reload.

Named Enemies

  • James "Carver" Wajinski (Rooftop of Grand Washington Hotel Mission boss): Stop complaining and get on the fucking table. I'll fix you, but you're damn sure not going to like it.