Characters in The Division 2

Several characters are part of your journey through Washington DC. Here you can find more info about them.

Alani Kelso

Longest serving Divison Agent in DC.

Odessa Sawyer

Is the leader of the Theater settlement. Her background is mysterious, but she is very protective of the settlement and her daughter Eleanor.

Emeline Shaw

Leader of the Outcasts faction. An asymptomatic carrier of the virus, hellbent on destroying those who betrayed her.

Antwon Ridgeway

Leader of the True Sons faction. A former JTF officer. He is now a warlord who wants nothing but complete control over the city.

Coop Dennison


Inaya al-Khaliq


Grace Larson


Senait Ezera

Dark Zone

Charles Douglas

Shooting range

Joshua Summers


Otis Sykes

Access to bounties

Emma Richards


Aaron Keener

A rogue Division agent who betrayed the country in New York. His current whereabouts are unknown. After Manhattan was quarantined, Keener seized the technology Gordon Amherst used to create Green Poison.

Gordon Amherst

Was a New York-based virologist who create an released the Green Poison virus. He died from his own creation, but left a destructive legacy unlike anything ever seen.

Vitaly Tchernenko

Is a Russian virologist who sought shelter in the Russian Consulate in New York during the outbreak. He was later kidnapped by Aaron Keener. His current whereabouts are unknown.