Clans in The Division 2

You can create in-game clans, in the White House, after recruiting Grace Larson to your Base of Operations. Creation can be done alone, but for the progression system to kick in, you need at least 4 players in your clan.

Clans can have up to 50 accounts (each having up to 4 characters) in them.

Clans can talk over 2 voice channels, each with a maximum of 25 people in it. There is a clan feed available to keep everyone in the clan informed about activity and progression.

There is a progression system and rewards for clans that complete certain objectives. Players can create or search for clans and specify things like what activities they favor (PvP, or PvE or both) and what times they are usually on etc.

Clan options

When creating or searching for a clan you can select the following options:

  • Activities: Focus on PvE, PvP or both
  • Most Active Times: Time of the day this clan is active mostly
  • Atmosphere: Relaxed, focused on a special activity or competitive
  • Mic Requirement: If a microphone is required
  • Language: Primary language of the clan
  • Region: Geographical location

You can search by these criteria but you also can search for clans by name or by clans your friends are in.

Creating a clan

You can create a clan by creating it's insignia, then choose a name (4 - 15 letters) and a tag (3 capital letters). You will later get access to more options to style your insignia.

Then you select if your clan is open, searchable and join able by everyone, invite only, searchable but you have to apply, or private, which can't be found and only an invite from clan leadership will get you into it.

There are 4 ranks in a clan.

  • Commander: Founder which has access to all functions
  • Lieutenant: Can invite, review applications, promote, demote and moderate clan feed
  • Agent: Can invite other players
  • Recruit: New player that has restricted access to administrative functions


Clans can progress through ranks. For that, you can earn Clan XP (CXP). There is a total of 30 ranks a clan can reach.

Each week a clan can reach a reward cache as a project. Reaching the minimum gives a guaranteed reward for everyone on form of the bronze cache. From there the clan can earn more CXP to reach silver and gold level, resulting in even better rewards. Completing these will also grant a significant amount of CXP.


In the east wing of the White House, you will find your special clan quarters.

The clan stash is where you can pick up your weekly rewards should you reach the goals.

A special vendor is present here that can be upgraded through leveling the clan up. As the vendor levels up, you can buy better and better items here. At certain levels you can also unlock the ability to buy custom head gear with the clan insignia on it.

Additionally you can see the top three CXP contributor each week displayed in the quarters.


There are a total of 30 levels. Only partial data is available yet.

  • Level 1: ?
  • Level 2: ?
  • Level 3: ?
  • Level 4: ?
  • Level 5: ?
  • Level 6: ?
  • Level 7: ?
  • Level 8 (17'645'900 CXP): Additional Insignia Borders
  • Level 9: Upgrade Bounty Board
  • Level 10: Grade Tier 2 (?)
  • Level 11: Upgrade Weekly Cache Slots
  • Level 12: Upgrade Clan Vendor
  • Level 13: Additional Insignia Borders
  • Level 14: Upgrade Bounty Board
  • Level 15: ?
  • Level 16: ?
  • Level 17: ?
  • Level 18: ?
  • Level 19: ?
  • Level 20: ?
  • Level 21: ?
  • Level 22: ?
  • Level 23: ?
  • Level 24: ?
  • Level 25: ?
  • Level 26: ?
  • Level 27: ?
  • Level 28: ?
  • Level 29: ?
  • Level 30: ?