How to contribute

Thank you for your interest in making a contribution to this page.

The source of this page is publicly visible on Github. As such you have two ways to contribute.

  1. Open a issue on the github repo, where you describe what is wrong or what you want to have improved and someone can then pick that and just do it. You only need a free github account and the ability to write and you can already help!

  2. Make large contributions by submitting merge requests. Pretty straight forward if you know your way around git and github, if not, there are great ressources on the github help page. The page uses to generate pages, so most of the time you get away with just writing simple Markdown files. If you have questions, just submit issues on github.

More help as well as more sites are always welcome.

Contributors Hall of Fame

Thank you to these individuals who have given their free time and effort to enhance these very pages. Order reflects in what order contributions were added, nothing else.

  • hoshie. for adding additional map markers