Crafting in The Division 2

Before you can start to craft, you need to find and recruit Inaya al-Khaliq to the base of operations. You can do so by finishing the Washington Hotel Mission and return to Odessa in The Theater. After that you can simply talk to her on the same level that the door with Odessa is, near the western ramp. Then she will be in the crafting room close to where you can upgrade your skills.

Secondly you need blueprints. Those can be gained by completing side missions, certain projects and later by liberating high level (3+) control points.

When you craft weapon mods, they are created and stay with you forever, you can use them in as many guns as you like.

Crafting weapons and gear gives you a randomized item of that type you are crafting which can then be deconstructed again to regain some of the material needed for crafting.

A total of 177 blueprints are available. 58 are weapons, 77 are mods and misc, and then 7 each for the 6 gear slots.

You craft items according to your level, so if you are level 7, your weapons and gear will also be level 7.

After you progress through the game for a while, you will be awarded a blueprint for upgrading the work bench. Until you do, the workbench will only keep producing specialized items. You will also get upgrade blueprints once you reach the endgame content, for each worldtier.

Crafting costs materials. At level below 30 you need 4 materials and 135 credits to craft mods.

Upgrade costs

The bench starts at Gear Score 200 and creates Specialized (blue) gear only at that level.

  • Superior: 2509 Credits, 75 Receiver Components, 75 Fabric, 50 Polycarbonate (Upgrades to 240 Gear Score)
  • High-end: 2509 Credits, 75 Steel, 75 Ceramics, 25 Carbon Fiber (Upgrades to 250 Gear Score)
  • World Tier 1: 2509 Credits, 75 Polycarbonate, 75 Titanium, 10 Printer Filament (Upgrades to 250-275 Gear Score)
  • World Tier 2: 2794 Credits, 90 Steel, 80 Electronics, 15 Printer Filament (Upgrades to 300-330 Gear Score)
  • World Tier 3: 3577 Credits, 100 Ceramics, 90 Titanium, 20 Printer Filament (Upgrades to 350-385 Gear Score)
  • World Tier 4: 4672 Credits, 120 Polycarbonate, 120 Electronics, 25 Printer Filament (Upgrades to 400-440 Gear Score)
  • World Tier 5: 6192 Credits, 200 Polycarbonate, 200 Carbon Fiber, 30 Printer Filament (Upgrades to 450-490 Gear Score)


There are different types of materials. The higher the quality level the more rare it is.

Quality above the blue category, can only be obtained by deconstruction of gear. Printer filament is only gained by deconstruction mods (gear mods and skill mods).

White: Receiver Components, Protective Fabric

Green: Steel, Ceramics, Polycarbonate

Blue: Carbon Fiber, Electronics, Titanium

Purple: Printer Filament