Exotic Weapons of The Division 2

The Lost Chatterbox (P90)

You need 3 parts and one blueprint to craft this. The parts drop from locked boxes you have to open with faction keys. For each part, simply go to the mentioned district, open locked boxes (in the open world or inside missions) with looted keys and eventually you will get it. Once you do, go to another district and open boxes there. Keep in mind drops are random, so you might have to open multiple boxes to get it.

  • Creative Mag: Federal Triangle
  • Loaded Canister: Downtown East
  • Modified Mods: Judiciary Square

Once you have all three parts, do the Bank Headquarters main mission on challenging difficulty. When you get the key from the enemy drop, in that same floor is a hidden panel in the large room before you enter the area with the elevator. It's in the same facing wall as the elevators, at a corner, where you get an interaction prompt. That gives you a key card. Go further and when you enter the vault through the heavy vault door, go left immediately, here you can now open this inner door with your secret keycard. The blueprint can be found inside.

You can now craft this weapon at the crafting station.

Kendra's Liberty (D50)

During the Capitol Hill stronghold mission, you come across an enemy named "Kendra Nelson". When you kill her she drops a "Pistol: Trigger & Mechanism" exotic material.

To get the rest you have to finish the following missions on hard:

  • Sight & Rail: ViewPoint Museum
  • Receiver & Paintjob: American History Museum
  • Grip & Tags, Blueprint: Space Administration HQ

Once you have all of them, you also need a High-end D50 (The survivalist sidearm will not work). And now you can craft it.

Nemesis (Marksman Rifle)

This has a few steps. First you need to finish Tidal Basin once. Then you can play it again later, this time you have to do it on normal or harder. In the area where you disable the first turret (before the helicopters) there is a building you have to interact with a computer with. Upstairs in that building is a dropped key you can also spot on your minimap. Grab that and keep on playing. Now in the hovercraft, once you cleared it out and the door in the control room opens to the right (getting outside again) don't take it yet. There is a door in that room on the opposite side you can open now with the key. Do so and loot the crate. You get the "Adrestia SR1", a marksman rifle that has the inscription "I am She, whom none can escape. Within me is the key to my true name."

Now that you have the Adrestia SR1, deconstruct it. Yes, deconstruction. You get a "Marksman Rifle: Scope - The Tally" exotic crafting material back. Its description reads: "Klutz, Shorty, Prime - Picked up the weapon. Keep your eyes open for the upgrades we talked about."

These names are the names of Black Tusk bosses, each one residing in one of the other strong holds. To get the other parts, you will have to defeat them in the invaded mode for a chance of them dropping the parts you need.

  • Scope - The Tally: From deconstructing Adrestia SR1 you get in Tidal Basin secret locked room.
  • Stock - The Bridle: From Klutz at District Union Arena
  • Bolt - The Scales: From Shorty at Roosevelt Island
  • Barrel - The Scourge: From Prime at Capitol Hill

Lastly you need the blueprint. For that you need to play the Grand Washington Hotel mission in an invaded mode, then kill the first boss in the Lobby, after the drug kitchen. He will drop "Puck's Nemesis Blueprint", allowing you to craft it. You can pick up the upgrade blueprint in the vendor in the base of operations once it's crafted.

The weapon comes with three talents:

  • Counter-Sniper: Shots fired deal 0-100% weapon damage based on how long the trigger is held before releasing. The time to reach max weapon damage is reduced whenever a shot does not kill an enemy it hits.
  • Nemesis: Aiming at an enemy marks them as your nemesis for 15s, letting you see them through walls. Your shot gain +5% damage to your nemesis for each second they are marked, to a max of 50%.
  • Preparation: While holstered, gain +25% headshot damage when scoped with your current weapon.

To get all parts you need to go through the invaded cycle, which is a different one each week. Below you see the list of the strong holds where you get the parts and which missions are invaded at the same time. Once it's through the cycle, it starts at the top again.

  • Stronghold: Capitol Hill ** Invaded missions: Jefferson Plaza, Air & Space Museum, Space Administration HQ
  • Stronghold: Roosevelt Island
  • Stronghold: District Union Arena