Factions in The Division 2

The world is split into multiple factions. Knowing them will heighten your chance to survive in the world of The Division 2.

Friendly Factions

The Division

You are part of an elite group of sleeper agents of the Strategic Homeland Division (SHD, or short The Division). Your job is to protect what remains after a catastrophic event when government breaks down.


The Joint Task Force is basically everyone that worked in any emergency service when the dollar flu hit the world.


Pretty much everyone else that is not an enemy. They gather in defended settlements and you can see them roaming and scavengening for materials in the city.

Enemy Factions


Rowdy group of decentralized pockets. They basically go for the quick and easy kills and are not very organized.


Not much is known about this faction.

True Sons

Not much is known about this faction. They appear better armed and organized than the Hyenas.

Black Tusk

Not much is known about this faction. The Black Tusks show up after you have completed the main storyline of The Division 2 and invade all the main missions, giving you extra challenges to beat them again. They are well organized, armed to the teeth and carry a lot of protection.