Gear in The Division 2

Gear is split into these gear slots:

  • Mask
  • Vest
  • Holster
  • Backpack
  • Gloves
  • Kneepads

For each of these slots you can find gear that will give you additional status effects, along side of armor value.

A higher quality item, or higher level, doesn't automatically mean it works better for you. Check the bonuses and values carefully before switching gear.

There are gear mods of various kinds, but little is known about them. It appears though that higher gear has usually more gear mod slots, and that the number of slots can vary on the same piece. If you have more mod slots, you might have less fixed bonuses on a piece of gear. Gear Mods are split into Gear System Mods and Gear Protocol Mods.

Gear Quality

Gear can present in different qualities. The higher the quality the more attributes the gear might have, including mod slots and talents.

The quality is the same as for weapons, from worst to best:

  • Worn (White)
  • Standard (Green)
  • Specialized (Blue)
  • Superior (Purple)
  • High-End (Yellow)
  • Gear Set (Light green)

Gear Talents

Starting at Specialized gear, it can also have talents. Higher quality gear can have multiple talents. Talents have a type, passive (circle) and active (circle with up arrow). When recalibrating you can only replace the same talent type with each other.

Active Talents

  • Berserk: +10% weapon damage for every 10% of max armor depleted. Requires a shotgun, SMG or Assault Rifle equipped.
  • Bloodlust: Swapping weapons within 3s of a kill grants +25% weapon damage for 10s. Requires 4 or less shields.
  • Bloodsucker: Depleting an enemy's armor adds a stack of +20% bonus armor for 20s. Max stack is 5. Requires 7 or more shields.
  • Braced: While in cover weapon handling is increased by 25%
  • Calculated: Kills from cover reduce skill cooldowns by 20%. Requires 7 batteries or more.
  • Centered: Headshot kills grant status effect immunity for 10x. Requires 4 shields or more.
  • Cloaked: When your armor is depleted, nearby enemy skills are distrupted for 10 s. Can occur once every 30s. Requires 5 or less batteries.
  • Clutch: Critical hits restore 15% health and repair 2% armor. Requires: While using an AR/SMG/LMG
  • Compensated: Weapon damage is increased when you have low critical hit chance. Requires 3 crosshairs or less
  • Creeping Death: Status effects spread to the nearest enemy within 10m. Can occur once every 15s. Requires 4 or less crosshairs.
  • Dialed In: While aiming weapon stability is increased by 25% of your weapon accuracy
  • Efficient: Using an armor kit has a 50% chance to not consume the armor kit. Requires no other active talents affecting armor kits.
  • Entrench: Headshots from cover repair 5% of your armor. Requires using a rifle/marksman weapon
  • Fill'er Up: Reloading from empty reloads all weapons.
  • Knee Cap: Shooting an enemy in the legs has a 10% chance to apply bleed. Requires 4 or less batteries.
  • Mad Bomber: Grenade radius is increased by 150%. Grenades that kill an enemy are refunded. Requires 4 or less batteries.
  • Obliterate: Depleting an enemy's armor grants +25% critical hit damage for 5s. Requires 4 crosshairs or more.
  • On the Ropes: Weapon damage is increased by 25% while all skills are on cooldown or reach zero charges. (Requires 7 batteries or more)
  • Opportunistic: Destroying an enemy's weakpoint or breaking an enemy's armor adds +10% damage from all sources to the enemy for 20s. Requires using Marksman or Shotgun weapons only
  • Patience: After being in cover for 3s, armor repairs by 5% every 1s. Requires 7 or more shields.
  • Payload: Destroying an enemy's asset grants +50% explosive damage for 15s. Requires 4 shields or less
  • Reassigned: Killing a status effected enemy adds 3 rounds of a random special ammo into your sidearm. Can occur once every 45s.
  • Safeguard: Killing a target grants a 150% bonus to repairing and healing effects for 20s. Requires 5 or less crosshairs.
  • Skilled: Skill kills have a 25% chance to reset skill cooldowns.
  • Spotter: +10% weapon damage to pulsed enemies. Requires 5 batteries or more.
  • Tech support: Kills by active skills grant +25% Skill Damage for 10s. Requires: 6 or more batteries
  • Terminate: Depleting an enemies armor grants +35% skill damage for 15s. Requires 5 or more batteries.
  • To Order: Grenades can now be "cooked" by holding the fire button, making them explode earlier
  • Unbreakable: 25% of max armor is repaired when your armor is depleted. Armor kits used within the next 5s are not consumed. Requirement: No other active talents affecting armor kits
  • Unstoppable Force: Killing an enemy grants 2% weapon damage, for every 10'000 max armor. Requires 7 shields or more.
  • Wicked: +10% weapon damage to status effected enemies. Requires 4 crosshairs or more.

Passive talents

  • Capacitive: +20% skill duration
  • Critical: +8% critical hit damage
  • Destructive: +20% explosive damage
  • Devastating: +5% weapon damage
  • Empowered: +10% Skill Power
  • Hard Hitting: +15% damage to elites
  • Hardened: +10% Armor
  • Insulated: +10% hazard protection
  • Precise: +15% headshot damage
  • Restorative: 10% health on kill
  • Self Adjusting: +20% armor regeneration
  • Surge: +10% skill haste
  • Surgical +8% critical hit chance
  • Vital: Health increased by 20%

Not categorized yet talents

  • Blacksmith: Killing an enemy with your sidearm reparis 25% of your armor. Can occur once every 10s. (equires 5 or more shields

Gear Brands

Many gear items can also be of a specific brand, which gives you extra bonuses to the existing ones. For each additional gear item of the same brand, you get an additional bonus unlocked (so far, 1 to 3 bonuses).

These are the brands present in the game. The bonus behind each brand is tier 1 first, then tier 2 and then tier 3. You can't have tier 3 bonus until you have reached tier 2, by wearing two of the same brand items.

  • 5.11 Tactical: +5% Protection from Elites, +10% Extra Incoming Healing, +10% Weapon Handling
  • Airaldi Holdings: +10% Accuracy, +10% Headshot Damage, +10% Marksman Rifle Damage
  • Alps Summit Armament: +10% Cooldown Reduction, +5% Skill Power, +15 Hive Skill Power
  • Badger Tuff: +7% Damage to Elites, +15% Armor % on Kill, +15 Chem Launcher Skill Power
  • China Light Industries Corporation: +10% Explosive Damage, +10% Shotgun Damage, +10% Cooldown Reduction
  • Douglas & Harding: +5% Accuracy, +10% Critical Hit Damage, +7% Critical Hit Chance
  • Fenris Group AB: +10% Assault Rifle Damage, +10% Protection from Elites, +20% Health on Kill
  • Gila Guard: +5% Total Armor, +20% Hazard Protection, +15 Pulse Skill Power
  • Murakami Industries: +8% Health, +10% Hazard Protection, +15% Firefly Skill Power
  • Overlord Armaments: +10% Rifle Damage, +7.5% Total Armor, +7% Damage to Elites
  • Petrov Devense Group: +10% LMG Damage, +15 Turret Skill Power, +10% Cooldown Reduction
  • Providence Defense: +10% Skill Power, +8% Health, +5% Weapon Damage
  • Richter & Kaiser GmbH: +10% Hazard Protection, +20% Pistol Damage, +15 Shield Skill Power
  • Sokolov Concern: +10% SMG Damage, +8% Critical Hit Damage, +15 Seeker Skill Power
  • Wyvern Wear: +7% Critical Hit Damage, +15% Drone Skill Power, +10% Critical Hit Chance
  • Yaahl Gear: +10% Weapon Handling, +8% Hazard Protection, +5% Weapon Damage

Gear Sets

The most powerful buffs, you can get from gear sets. These are never branded and have bonuses for 2 to 6 pieces.

Hard Wired

You can get blueprints for it by completing the "Hard Wired Prototype" project.

Pieces: * "Rhodeswood" AR Mask * "Abberton" Dynamo Carrier * "Ullswater" Proxy Rig * "Serpentine" Array Vest * "Molesey" ESD Gloves * "Strines" Stabilizing Pads

Bonuses: * 2 pieces: +20% Skill Health * 3 pieces: +20% Increased Shock Duration * 4 pieces: +20% Skill Power * 5 pieces: Tamper Proof: Electrify your deployed skills (hive, turrets, pulse sensor) causing enemies wandering too close to be shocked. Can occur every 10 seconds. * 6 pieces: Feedback Loop: Killin with a skill resets the cooldown of your other skill. Repairing a friendly agent's armor from zero, resets the cooldown of your skills. Can only occur every 15 seconds. When a skill cooldown ends (or reaches full charges), gain bonus damage and repair to all skills for 15 seconds.

Ongoing Directive

Pieces: * Gatherers Mask * Resource Harness * Loadout Frame * CQB Fist Guards * Special Ammo Holster * Knee Poleyn

Bonuses: * 2 pieces: +20% Weapon Handling * 3 Pieces: +25% Burn Damage * 4 pieces: +25% Bleed Damage * 5 pieces: Emergency Requisition: Combat resources (armor kits, ammo, grenades) within 40 meters of you are automatically collected. This occurs every 30 seconds. * 6 pieces: The Right Tool: Killing an enemy with a weapon grants special ammo (incendiary, explosive, shock) to one of your other weapons.

True Patriot

Pieces: * Heft Grade A Mask * Appleton Body Armor * Driver Excursion Pack * Ross Hand Protectors * Young Low-Friction Holster * Sheridan Kneelers

Bonuses: * 2 pieces: +10% Damage to Armor * 3 Pieces: +10% Protection from Elites * 4 pieces: +10% Total Armor * 5 pieces: Red, White and Blue: When you shoot an enemy, apply a debuff to them. Debugffs are applied in order Red/White/Blue, cycling every 4 seconds. Red decreases damage dealt by the enemy. White restores armor to friendlies that shoot this enemy. Blue boosts skill cooldown reduction to friendlies that shoot this enemy. * 6 pieces: Full Flag: Shooting an enemy that has all three debuffs will deal 25% damage to other nearby enemies that have at least one of the debuffs.