Hyenas Faction of The Division 2

Back story


Enemy Types




Weapon: Assault Rifle

When I first started seeing these assholes show up, I figured it was bad news. I've seen my share of Black Bloc-style folks, and these weren't them. They were well-armed, but disorganized. Figured they'd maybe raided military surplus stores or something. - Odessa Sawyer

  • The Hyenas Assault archetype prefers to fight from behind cover, and move cover-to-cover to avoid enemy fire.




Weapon: ?

Oh, sure. Call it a toy. Deride it for being low-tech. But whatever you do, don't discount it. Someone delivering a block of C4 to your cover position will wreck your day, no matter how bad-ass your're feeling. - Odessa Sawyer

  • The Hyenas Controller archetype deploys remote controlled explosive cars from behind cover.
  • Destroying the Controller's backpack is an effective way to put an end to the enemy.


Weapon: Sub Machine Gun

These guys aren't finding grenade launchers in military surplus stores, or even raided SWAT storage. Certainly not in the numbers that they're in possession of. They've got to have another source for that kind of hardware. - Manny Ortega

  • The Hyenas Thrower archetype fires a tear gas grenade launcher from range.
  • Destroying the ammo pouch results in an explosion that damages the Thrower and forces them to use their sidearm.


Weapon: Shotgun

Turned a corner to find two of these guys with their turrets set up and thought to myself, "Nope nope nope". Ended up rolling out three EMPs and sprinting up on them with a shotty. I do not feel charitable when it comes to the idea of getting killed byt a machine. - Agent Kelso

  • The Hyenas Engineer archetype sets up turrets, and attempts to repair them when they're damaged.
  • Destroying the Engineer's backpack before they've setup their turret will prevent them from deploying it.
  • Damaging a deployed turret is an effective way to cause the engineer to expose themselves to attempt a repair.




Weapon: Pistol

Of all the annoying sons of bitches I've come across, these have to be the worst. Had a merry time with one of these jerks just outside Doko, and I can't say I loved it. Just kept circling each other for ages looking for an opening. Of course I could have just dropped a present through their mail slot, but I must have been off my game that day. - Agent Kelso

  • The Hyenas Shield archetype takes cover behind a massive riot shield while facing down his enemies with a sidearm.
  • Destroying the shield is quite difficult but can be accomplished.
  • Aiming for the feet can cause the Shield to stagger.
  • A Small window allows for visibility, but is also a vulnerability.

Named Enemies

  • Misty (Controller)
  • Coyote (Sniper, Boss of Jefferson Trade Center mission): "Cosa mala nunca muere y si muere no hace falta." - Coyote (Translation: Bad thing never dies and if it dies it is not necessary.)