Everything else in The Division 2

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Target Intel (max 50)
Information gathered on Bounties across the city
E-Credits (max 1'000'000'000)
Standard JTF currency used to purchase equipment from vendors and for other JTF services.


There are keys for the general world and keys for the DZ. They both work the same, as in they allow you to unlock certain special loot boxes. The normal keys are split into factions and can be found in various locations across the map. Look for small boxes mounted against the wall, often in places where you find other loot as well. DZ keys you can get from enemy kills.


You can find components, food and water throughout the map. These are then used to supply settlements or controlpoints to complete projects or boost some perks. There are places where you can find large quantities and where it respawns regularly.


Random loot items you can find that can be sold for money.

  • Stuffed Animal
  • Crayon
  • Battery
  • Tape
  • Sewing Kit
  • Kid's Jacket
  • Kid's shoe
  • Kid's sock
  • Magazine
  • Soda
  • Rope
  • Antibiotics
  • Small Diamond
  • Silver Bracelet


Enemies can have weak points. They usually look like a rad pouch or the likes. Hitting those will give you a yellow indicator anmd if you hit it often enough the weakpoint will detonate. This can result in an instant kill or other effects, depending on the enemies.

Staff Roster

You can find people in the world who will join you in the Base of Operations to enable certain services.

Coop Dennison

Skills and perk unlocks.

Inaya al-Khaliq

Allows for crafting.

Grace Larson

Unknown. Has a shield icon, perhaps some weekly/daily missions, or PVP activities.

Senait Ezera

Access to the Dark Zones.

Charles Douglas

Access to the shooting range. From the southern main entrance go through the entrance hall, then take a left and the next corridor to the right. The shooting range is through a door on your right.

Joshua Summers

Otis Sykes

Access to bounties. There is also a perk that allows for harder bounties.

Emma Richards

Probably access to upgrading/rerolling equipment.