Projects in The Division 2

Projects are tasks to complete that will give you rewards, depending on the task.

Talk to the projects officer to see them and donate the required items. You can also see them in the map.

Special Projects

These occur in specific situations and give some very high rewards.

Hard Wired Prototype

Given after completing the Tidal Basin Stronghold for the first time. You have to find certain items which can be found on the final bosses of Grand Washington Hotel, Jefferson Trade Center, Federal Emergency Bunker, Lincoln Memorial, Air & Space Museum as well as Bank Headquarters. There is a chance they drop it, but doesn't mean they drop it every time, you may have to do it multiple times.

The Hard Wired Tech is another material that is dropped by Black Tusk factions members. The invaded dark zone seems to be one of the best sources for this, but you can also get it from bounties against Black Tusk and even sometimes in the over world.

  • Hard Wired M-component: 1 (Final boss of Grand Washington Hotel)
  • Hard Wired C-component: 1 (Final boss in Jefferson Trade Center)
  • Hard Wired B-component: 1 (Final boss of Federal Emergency Bunker)
  • Hard Wired G-component: 1 (Final boss in Lincoln Memorial)
  • Hard Wired H-component: 1 (Final boss of Air & Space Museum)
  • Hard Wired K-component: 1 (Final boss of Bank HQ)
  • Hard Wired Tech: 10


  • Blueprint: "Rhodeswood" AR Mask
  • Blueprint: "Serpentine" Array Vest
  • Blueprint: "Abberton" Dynamo Carrier
  • Blueprint: "Molesey" ESD Gloves
  • Blueprint: "Ullswater" Proxy Rig
  • Blueprint: "Strines" Stabilizing Pads


Each district has a liberation project, once you complete it, you get a bounty to do. The bounty is on a timer though, you have to get to the place of the bounty within a certain time. Once you are there, the timer stops.

Downtown East Liberation

Resupply a friendly control point in Downtown East: 50 Complete activities in Downtown East: 3 Recover SHD Tech caches in Downtown East: 4

The Theater

Outfit Hunting Party

Requires Theater Level 1

Steel: 5 Chest armor: 1 Neutralize hostile activity: 1

Rewards: Blueprint: Streamlined Iron Sights, 645 XP

Salvager Crew

Requires Theater Level 1

Polycarbonate: 5 Gloves: 1 Disrupt Public Execution: 1

Rewards: Blueprint: Vertical Grip, XP

Water Pipeline Construction

Requires Theater Level 2

Ceramics: 10 Backpacks: 1 Disrupt Propaganda: 1

Rewards: Blueprint: Reflex Sight, XP

Cold Storage Construction

Requires Theater Level 2

Steel: 10 Kneepads: 3 Neutralize veteran Hyenas: 5

Rewards: Blueprint: Police M4 Replica, XP

Reclaimer Crew

Requires Theater Level 3

Polycarbonates: 10 Holsters: 3 Complete activities: ?

Rewards: Blueprint: Muzzlebreak 5.56, XP

Water Keeper Liberation

Requires Theater Level 3

Ceramics: 10 Masks: 3 Neutralize veteran True Sons: ?

Rewards: Blueprint: USC .45 ACP Replica, XP

Food Independence

Requires Theater Level 4

Steel: 10 Chest armor: 3 Complete activities in Federal Triangle: 3

Rewards: Blueprint: Super 90 Replica, XP

Secure Salvage Route

Requires Theater Level 4

Polycarbonate: 10 Gloves: 3 Complete activities in East Mall: 2

Rewards: Blueprint: Model 700 Replica, XP

Underground Pump

Requires Theater Level 4

Ceramics: 10 Backpacks: 3 Complete activities in Southwest: ?

Rewards: Blueprint: SMG-9 Replica, XP


Outfit Rescue Team

Carbon Fiber: 5 Chest Armor: 2 Aid hostage rescue: 1

Rewards: Blueprint: Small RDS Scope, XP

Food Aid Operation

Requires Campus Level 1

Electronics: 5 Gloves: 2 Resupply friendly control point: 50

Rewards: Blueprint: Compensator 5.56, XP

Infrastructure Repair Operation

Requires Campus Level 1

Titanium: 10 Backpacks: 2 Complete activities: 3

Rewards: Blueprint: Classic M60 Replica, XP

Constitution Hall Recovery

Requires Campus Level 2

Resupply friendly control point in Constitution Hall: 50 Kneepads: 3 Neutralize Elite Outcasts: 3

Rewards: Blueprint: Classic M44 Carbine Replica, XP.

Southside Security

Requires Campus Level 2

Ceramics: 15 Holsters: 3 Complete activities in West Potomac Park: 2

Rewards: Blueprint: M870 Express Replica, XP.

Outfit Triage Team

Requires Campus Level 3

Steel: 15 Masks: 3 Neutralize elite True Sons: 3

Rewards: Blueprint: Military M9 Replica, XP

Coast Guardians

Requires Campus Level 3

Electronics: 10 Chest Armor: 3 Compelte activities in Foggy Bottom: 2

Rewards: Blueprint: SIG 716 Replica, XP

West Side Repair Crew

Requires Campus Level 4

Titanium: 10 GloveS: 3 Complete activities in West End: 2

Rewards: Blueprint: FAMAS 2010 Replica, XP

Deep Recovery Force

Requires Campus Level 4

Carbon Fiber: 10 Backpacks: 3 Neutralize Elite outcasts: 2

Rewards: Blueprint: Black Market T821 Replica, XP