Skills in The Division 2

You can unlock Skills in the Base of Operations with Coop Dennison, the Quartermaster of the White House. You can find him at the southern main entrance just inside on your left.


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The Turret has 4 different modes. It can be thrown in an arc and then will stay where it was placed. Heavy enemies can go up to it and hit it to destroy it, so it might be useful to place it where they can't reach.

Mod slots: Firing Mechanism, Housing, Targeting, FX

Assault Turret

The assault turret automatically tracks and attacks hostile targets, but this behavior can be manually overridden to target a specific enemy.

Incinerator Turret

The incinerator turret is manually controlled by the deploying agent to dispense streams of flame in a forward-facing cone.

Artillery Turret

The artillery turret launches ordinance at nearby target locations.

Has 4 ammo.

Requires Demolitionist Specialization


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Chem Launcher

Mod slots: Agitator slot, pneumatics slot, FX slot.


The reinforcer cannister disperses a cloud of gas that repairs the agent's allies armor.


The firestarter cannister creates a cloud of explosive gas that can be ignited trhough explosives, weapon fire, etc.

Riot Foam

The riot foam gas canister fires a payload of sticky foam that immobilizes targets.


The oxidizer cannister relases a cloud of corrosive gas that damages enemy armor, skill proxies and causes damage over time.


No details known yet.

Seeker Mine

The Seeker mine comes in 3 variants.

Mod slots: Drive, Targeting, Payload, FX

Explosive Seeker Mine

The explosive seeker mine can be deployed to track down hostiles and explode on reaching close proximity.

Airburst Seeker Mine

The airburst seeker mine rolls toward its target, and launches an explosive burst into the air on reaching close proximity.

Cluster Seeker Mine

The cluster seeker mine splits into smaller seekers and track down enemies, exploding when reaching proximity.

Mender Seeker Mine

The mender seeker mind follows allies, repiaring their armor.

Requires Survivalist Specialization


The drone is a flying helper that comes in 4 variants.

Mod slots: Battery, Hull, Feed, FX.

Striker Drone

The striker tracks targets and attempts to maintain line of sight while continuously firing.

Defender Drone

The defender attemts to defelct incoming bullets from a sonic emitter mounted beneath the drone.

Bombardier Drone

The bombardier requires that an agent set two points, and then deploys a payload of miniature explosives between them.

Fixer Drone

The fixer replenishes nearby allies' armor, or can be manually targetd on a specific ally.

Tactician Drone

The tactician scouts and marks hostile targets, feeding them to the agent and other allies' HUD.

Applies Pulsed status effect on affected target.

Requires Sharpshooter Specialization


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