Specializations in The Division 2

There are currently 3 Specializations available. They start coming into play once you reach level 30 and finish the last mission, little else is known about them.

During year 1 there will be 3 more specializations released.

Each specialization has it's own skill tree you can unlock with points. A total of 160 points are possible to distribute among a specialization. These points are specific per specialization and do not transfer. You can respec those points at any time without cost. Points are awarded by doing certain missions and other activities.

Skill trees below show individual skills and what skills are required to unlock before you can unlock the sub skill.

Changing specializations can be done at the quartermaster only. One character can have all specializations.


Signature weapon: TAC-50 C Rifle

Special Weapon Talent: .50 BMG Rounds: Shots penetrate through all but the heaviest armored targets. Capable of detonating Weakpoints even on the way through targets. A decompression shockwave from any hit target damages other nearby hostiles for up to 400 Damage.

  • Unlocks the Drone skill "Tactician"
  • Gives you Flashbang Grenades.
  • Special armr kit that only repairs 50% but then removes status effects and increases resistance to blood, poison and burn for 20 seconds.

Sharpshooter Skilltree

  • .50 Caliber Ammo Acquisition (No Cost?): Enemy headshot kills may drop signature weapon ammo, for the TAC-50 C Rifle. Except when firing the rifle itself. ** Group Signature Ammo Supply (Cost 5): Kills with signature weapon may drop signature weapon ammo for all group or raid members. ** Signature Weapon Damage: Increased Signature weapon damage *** Tier 1: 25%, Cost 10 *** Tier 2: 57%, Cost 10 *** Tier 3: 96%, Cost 10 *** Tier 4: ?%, Cost ?
  • Sharpshooters 93R (Cost: 10): A 3-round busrt fire weapon for hectic close encouters. the ideal companion for when the situation calls for rapid fire and high mobility.
  • This Is My Rifle: Increased Rifle damage, enabling the sharpshooter a tool for mobile encounters. Tier 1: +5%, 5 points. Tier 2: +10%, 5 points. Tier 3: +15%, 5 points. ** Digital Scope (Cost: 5, requires Tier 1 of This is my Rifle): Digital aiming device for long top rails


Signature weapon: Crossbow - Explosive bolts

Explosive Bolts: Bolts detonate after a brief timer, doing damage to the surrounding area.

Unlocks the Mender Seeker Mine skill.

Gives you Fragmentation Grenades.


Signature weapon: M32A1 Multi-shot Grenade Launcher

M406 HE Grenades: Powerful 40x46mm grenade with a 5m blast radius.

Unlocks the Artillery Turret skill.

Gives you Incendiary Grenades.